Monday, 16 August 2010

Look what we found...

Having just got the keys to our new home today we decided to go take another look around and start the whole moving malarkey. In the upstairs rooms my mum and I noticed an unusually large amount of dead wasps. After picking up about 30 off the floors and surfaces I became a little wary. I *knew* that the house had been vacant for a good few months and all the windows had been closed tight so the logical conclusion was that they were coming from somewhere *in* the house not outside.

Nathan didn't seem too concerned and was carrying on looking about the place when I suddenly heard a shout from the attic. He'd been checking out the amount of storage space up there, moving a few boxes and discovered a little kiwi sized empty wasps' nest, "aha the route of our problem" he thought, then as he turned around he found THIS:

*shudder* After a hasty exit we made a call to the estate agents and pest control shall be paying the house a call tomorrow afternoon!!!

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Anniversary Hearts

Last week I celebrated 10 years of marriage with Nathan!