Sunday, 30 August 2009


Today we went for another walk on the beach dressed in wellies and rain coats. Little squish kept putting her hands in the wet sand then shouting 'Eww eww eww'.

I took a few shots similar to this in colour and I much prefer this one. You actually get a better sense of the different tones and textures in the black and white than in the colour photo. Also this feels much brighter.

Oh and can I just declare: I'm up to date!! Hopefully from now on I shall not get too behind in my blog.

Mini Ferry

Yesterday my mum and Graham took myself and the kids out for the day and we had a little ride on this mini ferry. It has to be the shortest boat crossing I've ever been on lasting 5 minutes maximum! We go from Fleetwood to Knotend. The kids thought it was fantastic though.

I think I should have adjusted the aperture or exposure once more to get a little more detail and texture in the sky but didn't realise at the time. I am going to keep exploring the realms of black and white photography though as I really like it.

Sea and Sunset

We drove over to Fleetwood on Friday to see my mum and family. We haven't seen each other since Nathan's graduation and thought it was about time really! Our evening stroll on the beach provided many a sunset photo opportunity and this captured the scene best methinks.

Tree House

Another cheat I'm afraid. For some reason I never took any photo's at all on the 27th. Probably because we were all suffering the post holiday blues and never did anything all day!

So instead of leaving the day blank, here is a photo of Nathan's Uncle Jeff's fantastic Tree House in part of his garden.

Young at Heart

Nathan turned 29 on the 26th and as you can see he is still very young at heart!

Aug 25th - Horses

I wish that horse would have just moved over a little so I could get all four in view properly. These horses were in a field near Nathan's Grandparents home. Grampy took us to see a foal that was only 24 hours old and these horses in the same field followed us the whole time. The two horses at either side are both pregnant and the white one looked like it was about to burst!

Head Spin

I'm cheating a little and using another photo from the 23rd Aug rather than one of the ones from the 24th. Why? Because this is a good photo and of something interesting that isn't just my children at a kiddies theme park, which is what all of the other options are!

Thinking along this point a little further. Whilst I like the challenge I have set myself, to take a photo a day for a year, I do think it makes for less interesting and adventurous photography as it becomes a little mundane, repetitive and a chore at times. I think next year I shall just do a 'best shots of the week' blog.

Saying that I've been contemplating doing 'A Disney a day' where I watch and review a Disney film every day of the year, but something in me thinks that may turn me a little mad....

Aug 23rd - Hot Day, Cold Fountain

The fountain just outside Buckingham Palace. Most people were dangling their feet in the extremely cold water and not paying a great deal of attention to the palace!

I've been enjoying black and white photography this past week so you my see a few more.

Aug 22nd - Fourth Plinth

Nathan had a slot on the one and another fourth plinth project in Trafalgar square. You can watch him and read about what he was doing on his profile page. The kids and I watched him for a while and enjoyed climbing on the lions and various other touristy things with my Aunty Wendy and Cousin Jan. Here Nathan is about to descend after his hour of fame.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Aug 21st - Close up

One of my four lovely nieces. I decided to try and get one 'good' photo of each of my nieces whilst we were visiting them and chose to go for a close up black and white theme. I decided that this is the best photo of the four in a composition and lighting sense but of course they're all gorgeous with lovely smiles!

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Aug 20th - Thirst

Having a little rest and refreshments whilst walking by some lakes in Cheshunt. We picked (and ate) loads of blackberries.

Friday, 21 August 2009

A Week all in one.

12th: Moth
13th: Red Rose
14th: Sad face (acting)

15th: Festival girl
16th: Home baked bread

17th: Messy paint
18th: Home grown
19th: Long drives
Okay so it is actually 8 days so slightly longer than a week!

Tuesday, 18 August 2009


Hello all.

Apologies for the lapse in photo's recently. I have been taking them but we have misplaced my card reader so can't transfer them onto my laptop. well that's not entirely true I do have a lead somewhere but it takes a lot longer and is more of a faff.

I am going to have a big look around at some point today and hopefully update my blog asap and before we head off to London for the week!

Shona x

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Tuesday 11th - Nap time

I put little Squish up to bed sometime after lunch. I heard her shout a couple of times but no crying or real objection. I pop up about 20 mins later to check on her and this is what I find!

Monday 10th - Vandals!

Been indoors feeling rough all day so the last thing I needed was vandalous boys pulling apart our fence and trying to break into our garden at 10pm. Grrrr. Not much of a photo but it was the defining point of my day.
The gap in the fence was not there prior to their 'fun' and although you can't really see it, the left panel was double thickness but they pulled of an entire section and lit themselves a little fire just on the grass there in the background. (Firemen had out it out by the tie this photo was taken I think).

Sunday: Sticky tape

Thanks to my dear littlest girl I have been walking around with a huge clump of sticky tape on my face for the past few days. New glasses ordered and on their way - yay!

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Fairytale house

We looked for faeries, pixies and even some gnomes but we didn't find any at all! We did have a fun day out walking by Dovestones reservoir though. Nathan captured a very cute film if you fancy taking a look.

Aug 6th - Washing washing washing

We bought a new washing machine recently and I'm so glad we did! The day I took this I think I did 3 or 4 loads, sorted, washed, dried on the line, folded but not quite put away *sigh*.

Aug 5th - The Three Snails

Once upon a time there were three snails. Daddy snail, mummy snail and baby snail....

Aug 4th - Pollenation

An afternoon with friends a Fletcher Moss Gardens.

Mon 3rd - Messy Painting

Look at those cheeky grins!

Sun 2nd Aug: Tired Me

I do not have a photo for the first of August as that is the day I took the family camera out with me only to discover it was broken!

This photo was taken late on Sunday night using my mobile phone. I look tired!

Fri 31st July: Another little baby

Hello Blog followers. I apologise for not updating my blog in over a week. I have been taking photo's but not many I'm happy with and with little time to post them! I've been out for a few days and not wanted to take my camera with me but our 'family' camera has died on us s the only one I've been able to use is my mobile phone. This does not a quality photo make.

Also for two days I couldn't find my camera and assumed Nathan had taken it with him to his work and thus didn't take a 'proper' photo - silly me. I eventually found it hiding in the lounge. My final excuse is that a few 'events' have happened in the past week that haven't had me in the mood for doing anything really, let alone taking thought out photos and blog posts.

Anyway. This photo is of another friend's little girl sitting on Nathan' lap. She is rather gorgeous don't you think?