Saturday, 30 April 2011


My sister-in-law Leah's stick insects had babies recently. The parent stick insects are rather old and looking like they're on deaths door. These new little ones are "particularly" small and about as cute as is possible for a stick insect to be. So Leah asked for some photos - time for the macro lens to come out!

Monday, 25 April 2011

Hot sunshine =

Yummy ice cream!!

Nathan "looks after" my ice cream so I can take photos. I had one scoop of Baileys and one scoop of Ferrero Rocher flavoured ice cream, both scrummy but the latter was definitely the bestest!

The girls liked chocolate. It took them about half an hour to get through them they were such big ice cream cones....

*Must not waste any of it.*

Friday, 22 April 2011

Headlam Hall

On Wednesday, a very lovely childhood friend of mine crossed the threshold from Miss. to Mrs. I was delighted and privileged to be her bridesmaid (or matron of honour if we're going to be all specific) and enjoyed getting glammed up. A fabulous day was had by all. She looked beautiful and most importantly, incredibly happy and content beside her new husband!

The wedding reception took place at Headlam Hall near Gainford in Co. Durham - a typically delightful English country house hotel where we stayed over night. The gardens are beautiful and as the weather was behaving itself I decided to make the most of my childfree hour the following morning and wandered around on my own mini photo shoot.

(p.s. Don't forget you can click on the photos to view them properly.)

Monday, 11 April 2011

In the garden

The sun came out in full shine yesterday and the tulips in my front garden opened up beautifully. I decided to make the most of the opportunity and took some quick shots. I like to use flower photos for desktop pictures on my laptop.

I couldn't quite decide which shots I liked the most so I've shared more than normal with you! I used my 50mm lens to get that soft focus and shallow depth of field (which blurs out the weeds and scruffy background). Then I over exposed them a little to capture the brightness as much as possible.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

More Glowing activities

A few more snap shots of our visit to Glowworld the other week. I was quite tempted to go back again on my own with my tri-pod so I could take some time over these photos and do them *properly*.

The Dancing Lobster show.

These light displays were dotted around the site, but they all had fences around them purely for the sake of spoiling photographs I'm sure....

This is the "superbowl" ride that I went on. I was soon reminded why I never go on such things and had to make a quick visit to the ladies room!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


We stayed at the in-laws' this weekend just gone and Squishy never quite settles well at night. After about half an hour of playing "run into the living room, cause havoc and get mummy to put me back to bed" I told her it was definitely bedtime now, popped her in bed, turned the main light off (there was a lamp on) shut the door and left her to it.

About five minutes later I heard banging and found her up against the door on a chair turning the light back on. So I took the chair away, turned the light off again and closed the door. She complained a bit but within a couple of minutes all was silent and I assumed she'd gone back to bed.

I went back in around 20 mins later to find the light on and her cuddling a rather unusual bedtime toy:

I can only assume that she used this to stand on to turn the light back on before going to sleep holding it!