Monday, 28 February 2011

Family shoot - out and about

After our mini family shoot indoors with the white seamless and rather forced attempts at getting everyone to co-operate I decided that over the following days I'd make extra effort to capture some good shots whilst having fun out and about on our little holiday break. This involved poking my lens into the children's faces and taking a step back from doing mummy activities and trying to be a photographer instead. It may be a little repetitive, but my next few blog posts will mostly be of my children...

Today's two shots show that if in the right mood and when buttered up by a trip to costa coffee, Little Squish is as good at playing up to the camera as her elder sister!

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Family Photo Shoot take 2.

Day two of photo shoot pictures. First we have a my littlest squish who really was the total opposite of her sister and generally refused to co-operate for the camera. Not quite sure how we managed to get this little fairy shot but we did!

Daddy and my big girl who was giving her own directions by the end. "Lets do one of me on your knee Daddy, and then one on your shoulders."
A couple with me and the girls. I'm not really a huge fan of the white background photo style but I will admit to liking this second photo of me and Little Squish, so may even print it off and put it on the wall.

Sisters cuddling. I'm certain Little Squish only stayed there because she couldn't wriggle free from her sister's grasp! This little family shoot has been good practice, few tweeks here and there needed but on the whole quite happy!

Friday, 25 February 2011

Family Photo Shoot

Nathan bought me a white seamless for Christmas but as my camera has been broken I haven't bothered to get it out and use it. Last week my camera was returned in excellent working order so we decided to use the half term as an opportunity to try out a bit of a family photo shoot. I'm going to post a number of shots over the next few days.

Today we're starting with my Big girl who loves to pose!

Dressing up as a fairy or a princess is one of her favourite pass times and of course everything must be pink and fluffy!

I've no idea where she gets it from but she is quite happy to dress up in pink frills and perform for the camera. I did direct her a little, but on the whole this all came naturally to her!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

On the road again

My little squish turned three over the weekend. I suddenly feel old.
We went into town on the bus together, I can't remember why or what we did, but on the way home she spent the whole half hour calmly looking out of the window.

I haven't been posting much on my blog because I haven't been taking many pictures, mostly from lack of time and inspiration, but also because my camera is not working very well. I'm going to send it off to get fixed. I shall not post anything more until it comes back which could be anything from a couple of weeks until a month.....