Sunday, 20 December 2009

Signature Hot Chocolate

On Friday evening my eldest little girl and I went into Manchester city centre together. First off we walked through the freezing cold and posted my large pile of Christmas cards. Then we went into The Arndale Centre and entered a very important shop - The Bear Workshop. Matix picked her "bear" which was actually a cat and enjoyed watching her be filled with fluff, a little heart and making her "birth certificate".

Next stop, The German Christmas Markets. A Bratwurst in a bun each, smothered in ketchup and mustard, a mug of hot mulled wine to share (kindergluwein for children and drivers), strawberries dipped in milk chocolate and lots of sticky fingers and faces. Onto the other square with more stalls to buy the most delicious creamy gouda from Holland, where of course we had to try a number of samples of different cheeses before buying the one I knew I wanted anyway! By this point our fingers and toes were almost frozen so we walked to the nearest coffee shop that happened to have free seats, where we bought a Grande signature hot chocolate with cream, and a large slice of gingerbread loaf. Mmmm.

It seems that Matix most definitely appreciates hot chocolate (as the picture depicts) and I barely got a look in! I did however eat most of the cake. Good times.

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  1. Nice bonding! She's so cute...