Monday, 20 September 2010

Park puddles

We've had an awful lot of rain over the past few days and yesterday, having been stuck indoors for far too long we decided to brave it in our water proofs and wellingtons. Fortunately we had a brief hour or so where the rain stopped and we were able to appreciate the water for its reflections and splashing properties.....

Manchester has a way of making everything feel rather grey and dismal when it rains, so both these photos have been edited to enhance the colour. Last year I spent most of my time concentrating on the process of setting up and taking the photographs. For the rest of this year I'm going to focus on the various ways I can alter a shot post production. I may have to invest in something like photoshop first though!

On another note entirely, I am beginning to get a little irritated with the format and appearance of my blog page so I may change it at some point over the next weeks or so when (if) I have time.

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