Tuesday, 7 December 2010

There's a thief in the garden!

This week we put up a fancy bird feeder that we were given as a house warming gift. We'd had another bird table up since we moved in but the only visitors it'd had were a couple of fat wood pigeons and the odd squirrel. After a day or two this new feeder has seen some finches, blue tits, a robin, the fat pigeons and a number of very greedy squirrels!

This squirrel (and possibly one other) ate not only half the ball of peanuts but two whole fat balls and every single nut on the feeding plates, and then came back for more! I think we may need to grease part of the pole so that the birds actually have chance to get something. I do wonder if I had to climb and swing from a height to get my dinner if I'd be ever so slightly fitter....?

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