Saturday, 26 February 2011

Family Photo Shoot take 2.

Day two of photo shoot pictures. First we have a my littlest squish who really was the total opposite of her sister and generally refused to co-operate for the camera. Not quite sure how we managed to get this little fairy shot but we did!

Daddy and my big girl who was giving her own directions by the end. "Lets do one of me on your knee Daddy, and then one on your shoulders."
A couple with me and the girls. I'm not really a huge fan of the white background photo style but I will admit to liking this second photo of me and Little Squish, so may even print it off and put it on the wall.

Sisters cuddling. I'm certain Little Squish only stayed there because she couldn't wriggle free from her sister's grasp! This little family shoot has been good practice, few tweeks here and there needed but on the whole quite happy!


  1. Gorgeous snaps x

  2. Hi Shona!

    I've just found the article I've been looking for since I first saw this photo set:

    Well worth a read (as is quite a lot of the rest of that site)