Thursday, 2 June 2011

Woodland Wildlife - Warning, it's a bit grim!

In our recent woodland walks the children have shown a great fascination not only for live bunnies and birds, but dead ones. On one particular walk they started looking for them and wanted me to take pictures...

Then then endless questions and enthusiasms about death begin:

'How did it die, is it old?'
'Will I die? Will you die? When will we die mummy?..... Not until we're really old?'
'Why's the baby bird dead? Where is its mummy?'

'Who killed it? Did a fox get it, or a dog, or a farmer with a gun!?'
'I bet a fox got it and ripped it's head off!'

'Where is it's head?' *Run off looking*
'Oh I've found it mummy it's here!'

They were particularly excited when they found the dead rambler.....

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