Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The Jaffa Cake of all Jaffa Cakes.

When there's a birthday you have cake.
When you're the household baker you have to think up what cake to make.
When you're baking for a 3 year old it's easy to come up with something exciting.
When the birthday boy is 31 it's not so easy.

When you see a good idea you steal it! And this was a fabulous idea! Fabulously delicious.

It really did taste as scrummy as it looks. Possibly more so. It was definitely more-ish and almost flawless. I wish I could claim that it was all my own idea, but alas it was not!

The Giant Jaffa cake is very easy to make though. Bake the sponge in a frying pan.

Make some orange jelly with half the amount of liquid as usual and set it on a plate. Put the jelly onto the sponge.

Melt the chocolate and pour onto the jelly and sponge, et voila!

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