Monday, 11 February 2013

Park findings

The other day I popped the baby in the sling and decided to go for a quick walk around the local park before collecting the children from the school.  Obviously I took the camera with me in the hope to at least get it out and take the odd snap if not actually spend some decent time on it.

I was a little short for time, but in just that half hour I realised how many points of interest there are just in a small park. 

 I was also reminded that macro photography is my favourite means of capturing nature, so I will be digging out that macro lens again very soon.

Whilst walking I had a bit of a brain wave.  I realised that I could combine photography with exercise by going on at least one 'photo walk' a week.  I shall pick a day and destination in Manchester and just walk there and back and hopefully find some interesting things to photograph.  That's the plan anyway! 

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