Sunday, 9 August 2009

Fri 31st July: Another little baby

Hello Blog followers. I apologise for not updating my blog in over a week. I have been taking photo's but not many I'm happy with and with little time to post them! I've been out for a few days and not wanted to take my camera with me but our 'family' camera has died on us s the only one I've been able to use is my mobile phone. This does not a quality photo make.

Also for two days I couldn't find my camera and assumed Nathan had taken it with him to his work and thus didn't take a 'proper' photo - silly me. I eventually found it hiding in the lounge. My final excuse is that a few 'events' have happened in the past week that haven't had me in the mood for doing anything really, let alone taking thought out photos and blog posts.

Anyway. This photo is of another friend's little girl sitting on Nathan' lap. She is rather gorgeous don't you think?

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