Saturday, 10 April 2010


Yesterday the children and I went to Platts field park in Fallowfield (SManc). We have a few parks near where we live but non quite so big and beautiful as this one so we enjoyed ourselves. We spent the first half hour looking at and smelling the blossom and flowers. There was much pink, white and green around us, with vast amounts of yellow and orange too when we stumbled upon the daffodils.

We played in the play park, 'fished' in the duck pond/boating lake and climbed on large logs. At one point an elderly gentleman told me that it was a very risky thing letting the children climb on such high tree stumps and allowing them jump off, apparently in 'his day' you didn't bring children up like that or else you'd have been having regular trips to A&E. I managed to refrain from laughing and just say that they were fine thank you very much.

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