Sunday, 11 April 2010


Yesterday I took the children around to our friends house and as it was such a lovely sunny day and she has a large garden and a good arts and crafts cupboard we decided to let the children loose with cardboard boxes and paint. Here you can see our paint tray.....

We had six children and only 3 paintbrushes, so we gave them large soft cotton balls to paint with too.

Squishy really enjoyed getting stuck into the painting and did not worry herself about getting it all over herself as well as the cardboard!

I just love the bright colours in the sunlight, and the small details on her fingers. If you think how little a two year old's hand is, you can appreciate just how small the colour detail is here.

Before the children totally mixed the paints together into a messy brown, they managed to mix the different colours together without them combining them totally. It's quite beautiful really.

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