Sunday, 16 May 2010

Fancy a cuppa?

Remember this?

I do wonder how they get there? Do people like to leave strange things in odd places for the amusement of passers by?


  1. I know one way! If you're boating on canals/rivers and make a cuppa, then it can be quite tempting to lob the teabag in the water... they are very biodegradable etc,and space is scarce...

    However,if one happens to be rubbish at throwing, and an overhanging branch happens to be in the flight path of the teabag.... I have seen it happen!

  2. Interestingly the first tea bag was on the towpath by the canal where we live, so that actually makes a great deal of sense!!

    This one was rather high up in a tree in someone's garden so still unsure how it got there...