Saturday, 16 July 2011

Water Fun!

We've been enjoying a fair amount of sunshine this past week, so on Wednesday I decided to take a trip into Manchester City Centre to make the most of it. The fountains in Piccadilly Gardens have become a popular attraction for parents with little toddlers.... and teenagers it seems!

Squishy was being particularly cute and the lighting was just perfect for photography. If only we'd been alone and there weren't so many horrid adverts and eye sores in the way! I got lots of lovely family snaps for our memory albums, but these few are some of my favourites. I was just starting to get into it trying out various compositions and angles when it was time to go.

Squish started off quite apprehensive but by the end of the afternoon she was running not only around the fountains but through them, in them and standing on top of them! she was quite desperate for me to get in there with her but I was quite persistent at staying dry. I did enjoy chasing her around with the camera though :-)

A lovely day was had by the both of us, only to be slightly ruined by the theft of our bike!!!

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