Sunday, 31 July 2011

Strawberries and cream

A summer picnic in the park is not complete without strawberries and cream. This particular cream was Chantilly extra thick (reduced to 48p) and had a hint of vanilla and bourbon. Quite delicious.

The weather was lovely enough to sit on the grass in Wythenshaw park at 7pm!! We went out at around 3pm expecting to have just a couple of hours of warmth when actually the sun shone right up until we left for bedtime - the children's 'bedtime' not ours of course. ;-)


  1. Love that middle shot! (even if the watermark does spoil it somewhat)

    Anywho - it seems you sent me a message on twitter, but I don't do twitter any more (haven't done since October last year) so can't reply there.

    Could you email me lp [at] and I'll sort out that flash for you.

  2. I saw that you hadn't been on twitter for a while so am glad you've got back to me!

    Very much agree about the watermark - I was thinking of doing it again so your comment has prompted me to action.....