Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Froggy Rescue

Frogs frogs everywhere!!

This little amphibian had a lucky escape this morning. I went out to the garden to find Big Squish holding something in her hand. A jar, one of those really small jam jars that hotels use. "What's that darling?" "It's my pet frog!" "Oh right! Can you give it to me for a second please?!" "I put water and grass in for it mummy." "Yes but no air - it's needs to breath."

Thankfully I had got there in time. I tipped it out into a bigger tub with grass and water and it just sat there for a while, it's little body going up and down significantly more than normal. We had a little chat about breathing and needing holes to let air in. Frog spent a bit more time in this tub until eventually he/she felt ready to try and escape!

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