Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Indoor activities.

Jigsaw puzzles are quite popular in this house - just not with me! I don't have the patience or determination. Jigsaw pieces make quite interesting patterns when they're scattered. I've tried to take some shots of them before but the lighting conditions are usually terrible, and it's not really the kind of situation I'd set up for a photo shoot. Perhaps I should?!

I wanted to get an intimate shot of pushing the pieces into the right place, but the girls are not doing it for my photography they are racing o see who can finish first! If I were to do a jigsaw photo shoot, I'd make sure that they either had unvarnished nails or newly done nails - non of this chipped off unaesthetic nonsense!!

Why of course I'll let you take a picture of me with my finished puzzle mum, just don't expect me to smile....

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