Thursday, 29 January 2009

Cry Baby

I took about 20 photos of Charis this evening as she was going to be my little model for today. She is looking so much better after her illness last week and was being rather cute whilst sitting watching Pingu.

Annoyingly where she was sat in the room just seemed to be awkward for lighting (despite moving various lights around) and of course two year olds are not particularly fussed about their mummy's photo shoot so moving her wasn't an option. Whilst all this was going on Seren was getting rather jealous and crying, so I turned, took one quick photo and carried on taking snaps of Charis. I don't really know why she was so desperate for my attention, she'd already had lots of undivided mummy time today.

This is the one photo of Seren. I just love the composition and colours, lighting, and of course the model herself that I decided to use this instead! Poor Charis will have to wait until another day.

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