Tuesday, 6 January 2009


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It took me ages to decide which of two photos I was going to use today.

I decided on this one because I just love vapour trails and the moon in general so to get them together was great! And in my opinion this is the better photo. Also, such a clear, crisp, sky view is a rare occurrence here in Manchester. Well it feels like it is.

The other picture, which I purposefully set out to take on the way home from school, made use of the little (and also rare) snow we've got.
I even managed to get my four year old to stand still long enough to take it which is an achievement in itself! But I am sure I will get more opportunity to try a similar shot again.

Interestingly, taking photos in this area appears to be somewhat unusual, as I've had 3 or 4 people stop and ask me what I'm doing taking photos. This afternoon a young man politely asked, 'oi lady wot ya taking photos of, yuh sight seeing?'

Perhaps people are of the opinion that there is little worth capturing around and about here, but just from walking the dog I have seen some lovely views and glimpses of nature.

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  1. Hi Shona! I really like this photo and only wish that I was on that plane going somewhere where you can see the sun in the sky during the day and not the moon! Brrrr Tis chilly these dark old days!