Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Waiting room boredom

This was taken whilst I was waiting in the health centre to see a nurse. I was there for three hours, having already gone along to another clinic only to be told I couldn't be seen. So after a rather stressful day I ended up spending my evening sitting in an incredibly dull waiting room taking photos of the wall and checking facebook on my mobile. (Thank goodness for modern technology eh?!).

I quite like patterns and symmetry and I remember that as a child, when in boring situations I'd try and amuse myself by staring at wallpaper and carpets. I would join up the dots, find various shapes and routes through the patterns etc. This particular photo reflects that a little. I liked the bricks in the pillar and played around with the way it broke up the wall and reception window in the background causing it to almost look like three photos cut up and put together.

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